dimanche 4 février 2007

11 - A few dates...

1948 - first amateur show

1952 - graduated from the Technical College of Applied Arts in Industry

1953 - professional debut at the cabaret / club L’Ecluse in Paris

1955 - debut in the music-hall L’Alcazar of Marseille

1958 - Grand Prize in Recording Arts (Academy of charles Cros) for Papotin’s songs, musical direction : Michel Brandt.

- First Prize, Gold Medal at the World Festival of Puppet Theaters, in Bucharest (Rumania)

- performances at l’Olympia and l’Alhambra in Paris

1959 - debut in Las Vegas (Nevada, USA) in the show
Lido de Paris

1960 - Show Tour across the USA, Canada and Asia

1961 - Presentation to the Royal Family of England at the occasion of the Royal Command Performance, at the Prince of Wales Theater in London.

1962 - return to Las Vegas, in the Folies-Bergères show, followed by Reno (Nevada)

1963 - debut of Papotin’s Revue at Disneyland (California, USA)
- several participations at the Hollywood Palace TV series

1964 - Radio City Music Hall in New York (USA)
- Gala for the French Embassy in Washington DC, (USA)

1965 - Miami Florida, return to Radio City Music Hall then to the Golden Hotel in Reno

1967 - Filming of the Sourissimo television series

1968 - Show tour across the Soviet Union
- second participation at the Royal Command Performance at the Palladium in London

1969 - Americana Hotel in San Juan (Porto-Rico)
- Filming of the series Pops-Parade at the ORTF channel
- First show at Tivoli in Copenhagen (Denmark)
- Filming of Pops-Christmas, Pops New Year, Pops Circus, and The Forced Marriage by Molière

1970 - Daily shows with Ploom on French Television
- Creation of André Tahon’s Company, with orchestra of 10 musicians

- TV shows : Pops Parade, Ali Baba, The Flute Player, The Frog Princess, Puss‘N Boots
- Return to Tivoli in Copenhagen

1971- TV show : Papotin Club
- first run of performances at the Theatre des Champs Elysées in Paris, with orchestra

1972 - TV show :
The Rossignol
- first participation at the International Ballet Festival of Nervi (Gênes), Italy, with the Character Dances from
- Israel Festival of Music

1973 - recording of the record/books Papotin tells… : Cinderella, Tom Thumb, Puss ‘N Boots, Little Red Riding Hood
- Chevalier of Wine-tasting

1974 - second invitation to the International Ballet Festival in Nervi : creation of
Carnival of the Animals
- return to the Theatre of Champs Elysées

1975 - filming of the TV series
Papotin & Co
- television appearances in Hambourg and Stuttgart (Germany)

1977 - filming of the TV series
The Little World of André Tahon

1978 - first series of shows under a circus tent in Münich (Germany)

1979 - shows under circus tent in Zürich (Switzerland) and Stuttgart (Germany)
- Music Festival in Albi, Berlin Festival
- Gold Medal of Youth, Sports, and Activities

1980 - Series of shows at Bobino (Paris)

- third invitation to the International Ballet Festival in Nervi : creation of the ballet The Green Dwarf
- Filming of the TV show To each his Marotte

1981 - Filming in Cologne (Germany) of the TV series
The Marottes of Mr. André
- Filming of the TV series Spot-Marottes, clips for Antenne 2
- Chevalier of National Order of Merit

1982 - Filming of video programs The World of Marottes and
Peter and the Wolf

1983 - Filming of video programs The Firebird and Carnival of the Animals
- creation of From Eden to Babel at the Sacred Art Festival in the Church of Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

1984 - Filming of Ploom, series of 100 episodes in video, and the program
- Chevalier of Arts and Letters

1987 - revival of the ballet The Green Dwarf at the Berlin Festival and at the Music Festival of Dresden (Germany)

1988 - creation of The Festival of Chantilly at the Casino Theatre in Enghien

1990 - recording of the CD Papotin tells… : Sleeping Beauty, The Princess and the Pea, The Emperors’ New Clothes, Blue Beard.

1991 - filmed in the movie The Beautiful Story by Claude Lelouch.

1996 - construction and animation of the characters of the Gondolière and of the Senator in Elixir of Love, by Donizetti, at the Opera Comic, Paris.

1998 – after fifty years of intense artistic activity, André Tahon put his suitcases down and has since dedicated himself to organizing workshops on the initiation to Marottes (creation, animation, etc…) open to amateurs as well as to professionals. He also hosts conferences on Marottes, illustrated with video and slide shows, full of anecdotes and souvenirs from his multiple tours.